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Combining English color names and number words

You are looking for an exciting company name or a name for a certain thing? Do you want others to remember it positively and at the same time show how creative and versatile you are? Then you should definitely take a look at name ideas in which colours and numbers are combined randomly in English.

Here you can create great combinations of colour words and numbers that not only sound good, but also have a creative message. The different results are randomly jumbled together, always one colour name and one number.

For whom or what are such colour-number-names suitable?

First of all it is worthwhile for all companies or persons who want to combine a creative name with a high recognition value.

This way these kinds of names can be used completely independent of the respective industry. Whether you then decide on a combination of numbers behind which a certain statement is hidden or whether you like a name simply because of the sound is of course up to you. In any case, it can be worthwhile to decide against classics, such as "24", and go new ways instead.

A selection of things that an English color-number-name could be especially good for: Games, apps, shops, pubs, bars, fashion labels and all other products where the name basically says everything and nothing.

One thing is for sure: with a mix of letters and numbers you can create a company or product name that can sound as good as it looks. If you then add a creative logo - Bingo!

Name and number combinations are popular

Both start-ups and traditional companies often rely on a combination of words and numbers. Of course there are already many names in the style, especially when it comes to very common color names like "Blue" or "Red". But that's exactly why we have found or invented very special colour names besides "normal" colour names, which will surprise you. By the way, if you prefer to combine German color names with German number words, we have the right color-number-name generator in German for this purpose.