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The Word Meaning Finder reveals what is behind a word

A company name or all names at all should be chosen wisely. Because how do you know, for example, that your chosen name does not hide an unwanted message? With the Word Meaning Finder you have the opportunity to shed some light on the matter. The tool illuminates the relevant terms and helps you to find exactly the words that best describe your company or project.

How is the Word Meaning Finder used?

Very simple: all it takes to use the Word Meaning Finder is some keyword. Just ask yourself which word best describes your company or project and enter this term into the tool. Now it is already time to start searching!

The Word Meaning Finder lists various terms in which the word you are looking for plays a role. Among them is first of all the official definition of the word. But - and this is the special thing - the tool also lists definitions and descriptions in which your word is simply mentioned! For example, for a word like "sun" you will find results like direction south, lunch break and afternoon. These are neither synonyms nor direct definitions, but an additional, extremely exciting source for creative copywriters or word seekers. After all, how else can you come up with such words without brainstorming?

"By hand" and from mere thought, it would not only be very tedious but also really time-consuming. Even absolute writing professionals would confirm this. All the better that the word meaning tool offers you a long list of thematically related words.

The Word Meaning Finder mixed with other tools

As you can probably imagine, there is never the ONE royal road to come up with creative ideas and words. This is even more true for writing texts or finding input for finding a name. That's why you should always use different sources and tools as a supplement and here the big toolbox has name generators and word tools in abundance. There is no right or wrong here - trying is the motto. Then it also works with names.

Like the Brainstorming tool, Word Browsing is not a name generator, but an idea generator for creative keywords. These are the foundation of a successful naming process.

Feed the tool a word that fits your project thematically. The tool will then browse the definitions of all possible words for exactly that word.

That's some pretty oblique thinking, but that's exactly why it gives you new ideas.

Example: Word Browsing produced the following words for “booth”:

  • Photobooth (alternative form of photo booth)
  • Tollkeeper (one who mans a tollbooth)
  • Loge (a booth or stall)
  • Stand (a small building, booth, or stage, as in a bandstand or hamburger stand)
  • Telephone (from the telephone booths)

How would you come up with words like that in a conventional manner? Word Browsing provides results that would otherwise only come to mind after extensive research (if at all).