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With animal names a new mark into being call

Animals are omnipresent in our lives. We meet them not only in zoos and in the wild, but also as pets and family members on the sofa at home. No miracle that ever more companies fall back with the designation of their products or marks to animal names and manufacture so with humans equal a special purchase to the product. Well-known examples of animal names integrated in company names are for example Greyhound and Red Bull.

Are you also looking for a brand or product name and would like to use animal names for naming purposes? Then this tool is the best choice for you. In contrast to our hipster name generator or the tool for randomly beautiful words, an animal is always the focus of the naming process.


How does the tool for random animal names work?

With this tool we have specialized in English animal names. If you prefer to place German animal names in a brand name, please use this tool. The Clou at the Tool for English animal names is that the suggestions are made to you completely coincidentally. So your brain is not focused on a certain result, but is completely surprised.

This procedure makes it possible for you to let the name suggestions affect you impartially and to collect as many favorites as you like - until you finally decide on a random animal name.


From Ladybeetle to Angora to Barracuda, everything is included

Whatever you expect: You will certainly be surprised by the tool for random English animal names. Beside quite common animal names like "Terrier" or "Mamba" you will receive also rare suggestions, which sound almost exotic when speaking: Cougar, Scarab and Cockroach are just a few examples.

We wish you a lot of fun while trying them out! Oh, by the way: If you want to use our numerous premium tools in addition to our free offer and benefit from advertising freedom, just have a look around in our toolbox. We are looking forward to you!

Have random English animal names suggested - from antelope to zebra. Animals are often used as names for products or companies. This is because they possess very specific characteristics that can reflect on a product or company.

Many well-known small and larger companies are named after an animal, such as Puma or Greyhound. Animal names are often combined with other words to create a new brand, e.g. Red Bull oder Angry Birds.