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Discover animal company names

Everyone associates certain attributes and characteristics with animals. Ants are regarded as industrious, cats as clever, ravens as deceitful, lions as strong, dogs as cute and cuddly, horses as imposing and butterflies as filigree. How about taking advantage of the qualities attributed to a particular animal for your company name, project or planned app? Maybe you're wondering now how to do that, right? It's simple: Similar to our tools for strong English names or nature names, the tool for company names with animals allows you to combine a word you've chosen with a random animal name - and get extraordinary and meaningful names for your project.

Success is a matter of names

There are company and product names that simply everyone has heard at least once - for example Tiger Ointment or Kolibri Publishing House. What such successful labels have in common is the animal name in the name. Maybe you are now asking yourself what a randomly chosen animal should have to do with your project and how it can help you to become successful? To answer this question, you have to think around the corner: The company name with animals is not primarily about the respective animal, but rather about its characteristics, which you can use for your business.

From delicate to strong - let yourself be surprised

The handling of the tool is very easy: You choose a term that describes your project as good as possible or gives a hint what is behind your company. Simply enter the term you have chosen in the tool and start the search. As a result you will get company names consisting of a random German animal name in combination with your chosen term. The result will be combinations like Star Consulting, Maus Immobilien, Axolotl Design or Opossum Strategy. Sounds good, right? Oh well: Of course the tool for company names with animals is also available in English - just try it out!

Have random German animal names suggested - from ameise to zebra. While an animal does not describe your project, its unique characteristics can reflect on your product or company. An additional project-related word is added to let people know what your project or firm is all about.

Many small and large companies use animals in their names, e.g. Tiger Balm or Kolibri Verlag.