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Fantasy names are made-up names without any particular meaning. That’s why they’re not particularly suitable if you want to describe something. They're more well-suited when you're looking for a name with an interesting sound to it or a particularly eye-catching look. These can be suitable, for example, for products or projects dealing with creativity, lifestyle, sports, leisure or the Internet. Unlike descriptive names, fantasy names take some getting used to. Their biggest advantage is that they make you stand out from the crowd and, best case scenario, make you unique in your industry.

The Freaky Fantasy Names tool generates names that may sound a little crazy or gaga. The letters are combined in such a way that they hardly ever occur anywhere else in German or English.

Examples: Roboya, Jaxul, Temax, Floxep or Ubdoyo.

As you can see, these names do sound kind of crazy. But if you take one of these examples and dress it up in a nice font and an appealing colour, it's a completely different story.