You can use "Diminutive + Topic (English)" for free here

Try Diminutive + Topic (English) with different words or names. Curious about even more original features? Then go to the awesome NameRobot Naming Toolbox, where there is Diminutive + Topic (English) with all the trimmings. There are even more name generators and clever tools for word search, naming, and inspiration.

Have random English words suggested that have something small or cute about them. Words such as berry or raindrop, for example.

Even if the word does not describe your project, it can lend your project or company a sympathetic, lovable or childlike touch. An additional project-related word is added to let people know what your project or firm is all about.

Examples of names with "small" words are Hummingbird Solutions or Falcon Jewelry. A name like this is timeless and universally applicable.