Geographic names make your business international

Let us dream for a moment. Recite different city names in your mind, for example New York, London, Berlin or Cannes. What do you think of when you hear these names? Maybe adventure, vastness or the sea? And what feelings do these names trigger in you? The feeling of freedom, the longing for life or the desire to discover the world?
Okay, let's stop dreaming for a moment, return to reality and ask ourselves how we can use the positive emotions that arise in us when we hear city names for our business. We have developed a tool that integrates place names into product or company names, giving your business an international touch.

This is how the tool for geographical names works

With the random geographic name tool you can say bye-bye to hours of brainstorming. Just enter a keyword that best describes your business and start searching. After a short time, the tool suggests geographical names that it has combined with your keyword - and your business name is ready.
If you are not completely satisfied, you can also use our random name generator, try the tool for company names with animals or let the creative name generator do its job. In the end you will surely find the right name for your project.

Nomen est omen

Maybe you are wondering why you should choose a geographical name for your company at all? Well, in the end the decision is yours, of course. But the advantages that geographical names offer you in a name are obvious: Not only do they immediately create positive associations in the reader's mind, they also radiate internationality, experience and cosmopolitanism - and that is exactly what creates trust and brings you customers.
And that is exactly what you want, isn't it?

Have random English names for cities, countries and other places suggested to you - from Alaska to Zagreb. Place names are often used in product or business names. This is because they usually sound interesting and international, which can reflect on a product or company.

An additional project-related word is added to let people know what your project or firm is all about.

Place names are often combined with other words to create a new brand, e.g. Europe Sports Academy or Mauritius Logistics.