Hard shell, soft core: find masculine fantasy names

There are many typical characteristics (or clichés) that stand for masculinity. Men are strong, courageous, willing to take risks, adventurous, reliable, dominant and self-confident. They have outstanding technical and organisational skills, think rationally and are exceptionally good at abstraction. This is certainly not the case with all men, but perhaps in tendency.

But how do you express all these "male" qualities and characteristics in one word? Are there any names that unite all these masculine attributes in one word? The solution is offered by our tool for male fantasy names from the naming toolbox. With their help you can have fantasy names created that have a deep and distinctive sound and thus go well with male characters or products.

What can I use male fantasy names for?

All masculine fantasy names that you can create with our tool can be used in many ways. You can use them however you like: As a company or product name, a name for a project, a domain or as a name for your avatar in an online role playing game.

Just give it a try and let our generator create male fantasy names for you, which won't let you go that fast. Rongen, Enondou, Inongai and Rumund sound really exciting, don't they? But beyond the really good sound, the male fantasy names have the advantage that they are completely unused. Hardly anybody will immediately associate anything with the name creations. So you have the unique chance to coin the name yourself. So don't waste any time and let us suggest you strong masculine fantasy names that no one has ever heard before.

NameRobot has even more tools to offer

If you like, you can start right away and find male fantasy names. But if you have other interests, it's worth taking a look at our many other name generators. With them you can for example find weird fantasy names that sound especially funny and absurd, or you can try melodic fantasy names. Or how about a movie title generator, an app name check or geographical names?

There is nothing in the toolbox that does not exist. You can be curious!

Fantasy names are made-up names without any particular meaning. That’s why they’re not particularly suitable if you want to describe something. They're more well-suited when you're looking for a name with an interesting sound to it or a particularly eye-catching look. These can be suitable, for example, for products or projects dealing with creativity, lifestyle, sports, leisure or the Internet. Unlike descriptive names, fantasy names take some getting used to. Their biggest advantage is that they make you stand out from the crowd and, best case scenario, make you unique in your industry.

The Unspecified Fantasy Names tool generates invented names that sound a little deeper and more "mature".

Examples: Moneno, Aulo, Omendo, Shomel, Loneng.

As you can see, these names sound strange at first. But if you take one of these examples and dress it up in a nice font and an appealing colour, it's a completely different story.