good doggy

Beastly good company names

At first sight it may sound strange to create company names with animals. Maybe you are also wondering what this is good for, right? But if you think about it, you will surely come up with some companies that have animal names in their names, for example Red Bull and Puma.
Well, but now to the question: What are animal names in company names good for? On which it depends with company names with animals above all, is the following: Every person associates certain character traits with a certain animal. If he hears an animal name in an enterprise name, he has equal an idea of the enterprise, which is linked with the respective animal characteristics.

How does the tool work?

How the tool works is quickly explained. Just like the tool for random animals or random beautiful words, random animal names are displayed here - from A to Z. But because you have the additional option of entering a keyword that describes your project in more detail, a matching word to the animal name is added to create a round company name.
You will see that with this tool you will find the right name for almost every company. Just find out which characteristics are attributed to the respective animals and then choose the suitable name for your company. Tigers for example stand for courage and strength, elephants for good-naturedness and calmness and the fox is considered to be clever and cunning.

The right name is the beginning of success

Names mainly decide how a person or a company is perceived and also contribute decisively to the first impression. Therefore, a name should always be chosen with care.
One tip at the end: Make sure all names look good on you before you make a decision. If you like, you can also use our tool as a suggestion and then let your own fantasy play. Also, don't forget to imagine your company name with animals with a matching logo and in a special font - only then will it unfold its full effect and your success story can begin!

Have random English animal names suggested - from antelope to zebra. While an animal does not describe your project, its unique characteristics can reflect on your product or company. An additional project-related word is added to let people know what your project or firm is all about.

Many small and large companies use animals in their names, such as Tiger Beer or MailChimp, for example.