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Random animals

Ever thought of categorising your projects by animal names? A project that has to be finished quickly gets the name of a quick animal, a project that will be there for a longer period of time gets an animal name from an animal that will get particularly old, ...

Boring? How about something more unusual than dog, cat and co?

Find unusual animal names for your project

With our generator for random animals, a variety of names will be suggested to you. This is especially exciting because the tool doesn't just spit out hackneyed classics. With Angora, Kiebitz, Dugong or Kakadu, for example, you'll find project names that inspire collaboration through their unusualness and a healthy dose of wit.

Random Animals is a real all-rounder and also suggests animals that are less unusual. For example, "Project Blue Tit" can become a real eye-catcher in your company.

Beastly good!

If you're looking for animal names that don't come straight out of the box, or are simply "something more" than just an animal name, then you've come to the right place. Among other things, we offer you additional name generators for invented animals in German and English, hybrid names of animals and fruit or vegetables in German and English, or quite classic company names with animals.

Have random German animal names suggested - from ameise to zebra. Animals are often used as names for products or companies. This is because they possess very specific characteristics that can reflect on a product or company.

Many well-known small and larger companies are named after an animal, such as Mammut (clothing) or Uhu (adhesives). Animal names are often combined with other words to create a new brand, e.g. Blauer Bär or Drei Hasen.