Checking company names - why a trademark check is not enough

There are companies that have neither registered their name as a trademark nor operate a website under it, but are entered in the commercial register. So it is possible that a company has slipped through your fingers during the previous checks - even if the probability is no longer too great in the age of the Internet.
For example, it is a good idea to search for company names in the commercial register, especially when setting up a company. This can be done, for example, at for German companies, in Austria at and in Switzerland at In Switzerland, this is designed to be very transparent, so you can see all the information directly. Austria and Germany charge a fee for register extracts with more detailed information about the company. For our purposes, however, it is sufficient to see only the company names. By the way, besides companies, registered associations and their names can also be found there.

Check company name quickly

Since the above databases are often not so easy to use, we have built a simple quick check for you. Simply enter your name idea and find out in seconds whether there is already a company under it. If so, you can research who is behind it and what exactly the company does.

Important info on the legal background

Please note that you can only get a first impression with this tool. Further research, for example via an experienced trademark attorney, cannot be replaced by this! If no results are found, this does not necessarily mean that your idea can be implemented 100%. But: with our free company name check tool you will get a good start.

In the company name check, for example, all (partially) identical companies are listed that could get in the way of your word creation. For example, if you enter "Namerobo", "NameRobot" will be found, but if you enter "Namerobots", no hit will appear! I.e. try here different searches also with parts of your name idea.

The advantages of a company name check

In short, our company name check tool is an uncomplicated point of contact for anyone who wants to know whether the name is already registered in the commercial register. This check provides you with a first orientation guide. However, in order to make a final decision, you always need to look at the details.

Tip: Use also our tools trademark check, domain name check and the other check tools from the NameRobot Toolbox (you have to be logged in to get to the check tools).

Tip: Do you already know the Namescore name check? Namescore not only checks the availability of names, but also tells you how good your name is!
  • Enter your name or name idea in the search field and click "Run".
  • If companies are registered in the commercial register, whose names are identical or where your search word is part of their names, they will be listed here. Example: if you search for "blossom", companies like "emma blossom GmbH" and "Bloombox by Blossom UG" will also be found.
  • By clicking on the "i" you will get more information about the company.
  • If no companies were found, you will get a corresponding hint.

Searching for existing company names is a useful addition to other name checks. You may find company names that are not necessarily registered as a domain or protected as a trademark.

Currently, only company names that are registered in the German commercial register are displayed. We are working on adding more countries.