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So check who is looking for a (social media) name

When we are looking for a user name for a social network or internet portal, we don't want just any name, but one that says something about us, fits us and also sounds nice and is rare. But how do we make sure that someone else is not already using our user name?

That's very easy now: Just check with our tool "check username" from the toolbox if and where your desired username is still available.

Your username should be as untouched as possible

When searching for a user name, it is often not just a matter of finding a name that matches you. Often a username is used to sell a product or to promote a blog. It is therefore very important that you check the availability of your desired username in advance. Of course this applies to all kinds of user names, YouTube channel names, Facebook pages and other user names.

With the Check Username tool, you can get a comprehensive overview of which social networks your username is already available on with just one click. From Facebook and LinkedIn to Instagram and Xing to Twitter, eBay and Pinterest.

Even more practical and creative things for your name idea

Not everyone has to check a user name. Maybe you need a quirky name for a special project, an exotic fantasy name for a book, a company name with animals or a mythical word? The tools from the naming toolbox can help you with this as well. Just be inspired by the variety of our tools and try out as many as you can!

If you like, you can also take a look at the paid offers of the toolbox and benefit from advertising freedom, special tools and our premium support. But of course our free service also offers you all kinds of possibilities.

Start right now and find the most beautiful name for you and your project!

Check the availability of your name ideas across all social networks and other Internet portals with just one click.

Do you want to use Social Media Marketing for your new company or product? Then you should make sure that nobody else has already registered your name idea in the social networks.

Naturally, you don't have to set up profiles on all of the available platforms. In the B2B area, the large networks LinkedIn, Xing or Twitter may be sufficient. Freelance artists might consider portals such as DeviantArt or Flickr. But secured is secured: Because if someone else uses your name somewhere later on, you have no control over what happens there under that same name.

The Username Check checks whether a name is still available as a username (like on Twitter, for example) or as a URL such as on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ihrname.