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Find synonyms in no time with NameRobot

Ok, maybe you're confused at first: What should you find with a tool for synonyms, although you can find name generators in our toolbox for the most part?

The answer is quite simple: Synonyms are almost indispensable for creative writing, as well as for finding names (be it for a brand, a domain or a company). Why? Because synonyms give you much more scope for interesting formulations or name ideas. So what are you waiting for?

How can I find synonyms with the tool?

First of all we should clarify what synonyms are exactly. Synonyms to a word are other words with the same or at least similar meaning. For example, if you are looking for another word for "company", you just have to enter it in the Find Synonyms search box and click "Go".

The Synonyms Tool will immediately spit out the words "Company", "Business" and "Enterprise": Words that have the same meaning as "company," synonyms for the same word. This is basically all you need to know about the tool. It is best to try it out right away!

What else can the name generators do?

Finding synonyms is by far not all you can do with our tools. Besides company names with a reference to a place, company names with animals or names with colours, you can find tools for mythical words, melodic fantasy names or even bizarre names. Here you will find many more special tools that will inspire you!

In addition to our free service, there are other unique tools and services from the world of naming.

First off: no synonyms, no effective name finding! Synonyms are words with the same meaning. Whether elevator or lift, whether cheap or inexpensive - the terms are more or less interchangeable. The systematic search for synonyms is therefore often one of the basic approaches to finding a business or product name. This is because they expand the "word universe" of terms that can flow into a name.

When you look for synonyms, you're guaranteed to find interesting terms you didn't think of when you first started collecting keywords.

You don't have to waste a lot of time looking through dictionaries or brainstorming to do it, though: The Synonym Tool allows you to find lots of terms with the same or similar meaning for each keyword with just a single click.

Now you can use the synonyms you've found to work your way step by step to a really good name. Simply add synonyms relevant to your project to the word pool. Then you can feed them to the Name Generators.

The Synonym Tool found the following inspiring terms:

  • Energy: vigour, verve, creative drive, passion, zeal, dynamism, fervor, power, strength...
  • Fun: ecstasy, pleasure, joy, enthusiasm, euphoria, jubilation, delight...
  • Bar: pub, inn, tavern, saloon, watering hole, beer parlour, roadhouse, taproom, lounge...
  • noble: fine, sublime, lofty, illustrious, selfless, aristocratic, elegant, high-class, distinguished, high-quality...