Mythical names

The search for the right name for a product, project or company is very versatile - and that's a good thing. Because the more versatile the name search, the more versatile the results you can then choose between. A combination of your own theme and mythical terms can be a brilliant way to directly find your favourite, or to generate a multitude of ideas that will make the brainstorming process even easier and better.

Add mythical names

Maybe the mythical name is already a hit. Alternatively, you can tinker further with the mythical names you have found. One option, for example, would be to add strong words to the mythical names. This provides a variety of other name ideas and possibilities to find the perfect name.

Mythical name ideas

Mythical name ideas are not only creative. They are special and stand out, at the same time as they make you recognise them and add the finishing touches to your idea.

Unlike melodic fantasy names, they are not only particularly beautiful, but also radiate a special strength.

Such a name needs courage, but a name idea like this is always worthwhile.

Have random German mythological terms suggested to you. Examples are words like Artemis or Zeus.

The mysterious or historical meaning of words like these can be used to boost a project or company.

An additional project-related word is added to let people know what your project or firm is all about.

Mythological terms often sound classic and imposing. Mythological names are particularly suitable for projects that should project a traditional, sophisticated or high-class image.