The tool word at the end English - for imaginative, trendy company names and other projects

There is no question: especially in everyday business life, it is repeatedly shown that it can be worthwhile to rely on a mix of creativity and English. It is precisely this phenomenon that the tool Word English makes use of in the end. The principle: different English words are attached to a keyword that best describes your company or your respective project. These can either be directly related to the original term or be a complete contradiction of it.
Of course, your respective keywords can also be entered in German, for example. This often results in a particularly characteristic pronunciation and the chance to emphasize the versatility of your own company already in the company name.

Depending on which term or combination you finally decide on, you already give your target group an insight into your business idea. Depending on the industry, this can be an important factor that sets you apart from your competitors. After all, it is often interpreted as an advantage to know from the outset in which line of business a certain company is focused.

Especially in the creative field, however, it is not forbidden to use particularly unusual, mysterious names. Ultimately, it is your individual taste that decides.

Of course, we don't want to limit your creativity and have programmed our tool in such a way that you have a comparatively large selection of possibilities at your disposal. After all, it is important that you can identify yourself with the company name that will ideally accompany you for the next decades.

It is therefore best to try out several variants at once and focus on comparatively short key points, among other things. In this way, you will ensure that the results are not only acoustically convincing, but also particularly catchy.

The Complement Random Word (English) tool finds different English words and appends them to the back of your selected keywords. Famous examples formed this way are FoodConcept or PayWorks.

On the one hand you see what it is about and at the same time the two words together form a newly invented name.

Tip: One to two syllable words can be supplemented the best and English supplements of course sound best with English keywords.