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If you want something that rhymes well you've come to the right place

Maybe you are looking for a slogan or a saying that is supposed to be catchy and to get to the point? Or you need a creative company or project name? In both cases it might be worthwhile to use our rhyme finding tool. After all, rhymes are one of the oldest, but still one of the most effective stylistic devices in communication.

However, it is not always easy to find suitable rhyme words. Unless you go straight to the rhyme search with this generator. Then you don't have to laboriously research which two terms fit together particularly well due to their emphasis or composition and sound harmonious in combination with each other.

Rhymes with a similar sound offer almost endless possibilities

Practical: the results that are displayed to you via the Reime-Tool are not only based on exactly the same word endings. You will also find terms that sound similar to your basic term - even across languages in German and English. Sometimes there is simply no meaningful rhyme for a particular word. Then such loose rhymes offer new possibilities. Ignoring the opinion of the strict German teacher or Germanist will simply be ignored. After all, you have to break (linguistic) rules when being creative ;-)

To make sure you really find the rhyme that suits your taste (and the field of application), you can set different rhyme modes in the settings menu. Among other things, you can search for rhymes based on the first or last syllable or display all alliterations. This is not a rhyme, but a word pair where both words start with the same letter. For more creative stylistic devices just drop in and try it out!

Especially impressive with this generator: when finding rhymes, not only the spelling of the words is taken into account, but also their pronunciation. This often results in even more creative ideas.

You can use these, for example, to create a catchy slogan for your company or to invent a product name. Of course the whole thing also helps when writing titles, headlines, poems or other texts.

A particular advantage of names, book or film titles with a rhyme is, as is well known, that they are easier to remember and are even more likeable. The film title "Fischer fischt Frau" brings this across well. A pretty effective and even free marketing measure.

Rhymes can be useful when developing names and also for texts. For example, star rhymes with bar and the StarBar is born!

And it’s the rhyme that lends the shop “Just in Thyme” its special flavor, so to speak.

The Rhyme tool searches not only for identical word endings, but even for rhymes with the same or similar sound - regardless of the spelling. And that’s a NameRobot exclusive.

It is worth taking a look at the Settings - you can find them using the Gear symbol. There you will find six different types of rhymes. By default, normal rhymes are selected, meaning that only “true" rhymes are displayed as results.

Then there are the following types of rhymes:

  • Last syllable: Finds words whose last syllable is identical with the search word, e.g. body, shoddy, gaudy
  • First syllable: Finds words whose first syllable is identical with the search word, e.g. target, tarpaper, tarot, tarmac
  • Alliteration: Finds words with identical initial sound, e.g. stop, stucco, step, stair - one of the simplest and most effective stylistic devices in names, titles, slogans and advertising texts!
  • Pararhyme: Finds words where the consonants are identical/similar, e.g. live, love, lave
  • Assonance: Finds words where the vowels are identical/similar, e.g. Proud, round, cloud, shroud

The clever Rhyme tool accesses a phonetic database and compares the pronunciation of words. This is because the spelling has only a limited influence on whether two words sound the same or not.

An example, you say?

  • Banana and liana rhyme - of course!
  • Dog and bog also rhyme, although d and b are different letters. But there's still room for improvement:
  • Toe, row, go and though all rhyme, even though they’re written differently.
  • Blue, crew, zoo and through also rhyme.
  • But though doesn’t rhyme with tough, cough, plough or through and, thanks to its unique phonetic database, our Rhyme tool knows that!

Have fun finding unexpected and original rhymes and word ideas.