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This tool transforms words beyond recognition

The word converter is wonderful for all those who want to change a certain word in such a way that no reference to its origin can be recognized. You will receive completely new names, which you can use for example as product name, homepage or company name. Only you know on which term the new creation is based. If that is not creative!

The principle behind the word transform tool is simple: from a word that you enter at the start, completely new names are created by putting all the letters in a new order or by varying them.

With this method, you can find interesting and above all original names that ideally fit your field of application and which perhaps no one else has ever invented before.

When words magically become fantasy names

It is best to take a little time to look at the (often longer list) of results. Here, real-looking terms and fantasy words alternate. It is up to your individual taste whether you finally decide on a word that could actually be in the dictionary or whether you are more interested in a completely new term.

Especially with regard to a new product name, it might make sense to get away from the old familiar vocabulary and choose a word that is still completely unknown.

The difference to a pure fantasy name generator is that you predefine a word as "food" and thus can influence the invented names more strongly. For further inspiration you can also take a look at our initials mixer. Here, too, great ideas often arise, but they are not based on the complete transformation of words, but - as the name already suggests - on the respective initials of words or names.

Word Transformation is the ultimate enhancement to the tool “Accidentally Misspelled". This is where you enter a term, which is then changed so greatly that you can hardly recognize it anymore. The tool tries to transform your term into the most interesting new names possible. The result usually looks like a fantasy word.

Of course you have to try a few times until you get a name that you like. The chances are then quite high that it is still available as a domain, because it has just been invented and is not part of the normal vocabulary. Field of application: unlimited.

For example, the word "promotion" is transformed into the following new names:






So - have fun transforming words!