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Exotic names for your business

Haiku Consulting, Bonsai Content, Parrot Strategy. How does that sound in your ears? Unusual, interesting and maybe a bit exotic? Good! Exoticism is exactly the keyword that counts here. With the tool for exotic names you can create names that have a special exotic sound and give your business that special something.
Exotic names are especially useful if you want to sell products or name a company that is supposed to be productive and creative.

How does the tool for exotic names work

Child's play. You simply enter a keyword that has to do with your project and click "Go"! Then you will immediately be shown English names that contain your keyword and are extended with an exotic sounding name - and your company name, product name or the name for your project is ready.
If you like, you can combine this tool from our toolbox with others and have, for example, company names with animals or company names with a reference to a location created. Whatever you need, the toolbox will help you and accompany you on your way to the perfect name for your project.

There is not too much exoticism

The tool for exotic names offers you a lot of funky names that you can use freely. If it's a bit too exotic for your taste (which is hardly possible), you have the possibility to combine the fancy sounding name with other words or search for synonyms. Whatever you have in mind, this tool is the ideal helper for you.
If you like, take a look around in our paid toolbox, where you can find even more ingenious tools. You'll also get a surfing experience that is free of advertising and you can use our premium support. Let's get started!

Have random English words suggested that have something "exotic" about them. The word doesn't describe your project, yet its exotic sound can still have an impact on your project or company. An additional project-related word is added to let people know what your project or firm is all about.

At any rate, an exotic name seems much less commonplace and makes people think of far off places, which can be useful for more than just the "Samoa Bar" cocktail bar or “Pineapple Travels” travel agency.