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Bridget Phones and the Lord of Things

You probably read the headline at least twice, right? No wonder, after all, the names look hilarious and just kind of funny the first time you read them. But that's exactly the trick with our movie title generator: You can have funny names generated based on a keyword you choose yourself.
The whole thing works by matching it with a title database through which your keyword runs. At the end of the process, our movie title generator will provide you with such unusual suggestions as Ghost Cuts, Garden Shade or Shade Runner.

Rewrite film and music titles to your heart's content

Do you like what you read? Then get started right away and let yourself be surprised what kind of ingenious names the tool creates from your keyword. Although the tool is still in the test phase and not yet fully developed, you can already try it out now and gain your first experiences.
If you don't know which keywords you should use best, just brainstorm in advance or search for synonyms for your favorite words. Our toolbox offers you lots of possibilities to find exciting names that stand out from the rest.

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 In contrast to a pure name generator, the movie title generator allows you to decide which direction to go: You specify the food, lean back and choose the appropriate name at the end. Of course you can also modify it or combine it with our other tools until you find exactly what you are looking for.
Have fun trying it out! If you still haven't had enough after using our many free tools, you can also check out our paid toolbox. Here you will not only find a lot of other tools to try out, but also our premium support and advertising freedom.

Select a keyword and run it through a title database. It contains film and song titles as well as well-known expressions. The result should be an amusing and original name. This tool has a lot of potential, but it’s still under development. You can still try it out, though.


Lord of The Things

Bridget Phones

Jurassic Dark

Wax and the City