The brainstorming tool: Word ideas with one click

If you're thinking of brainstorming, you'll probably have a large round table in front of you, in the middle a large white poster with lots of coloured pens and around the table there are struggling figures with empty coffee cups, racking their brains and trying to breathe life into the white poster on the table.

Brainstorming can be as exhausting as reading the last nested sentence. The emphasis is on "can" because we have the solution to the brainstorming problem!

No more hours of thinking necessary

The brainstorming tool works very simply: You enter the term for which you want to save hours of thought and three litres of coffee and click "Go". In just a few seconds, our ingenious tool will spit out every imaginable word from the toolbox that has to do with your search term.

For example, if you want to brainstorm about the avocado, you will get terms like "antioxidants", "dietary fibre" and "climacteric". Note: If you want to find terms with similar meanings and not just related terms, you'd better use our Find Synonyms tool. Depending on what you're looking for, you might also want to use other word and name tools such as the App Name Check or Syllable Mixer.

What can an online brainstorming help you with?

The advantage of brainstorming without big meetings or research is obvious: You save a lot of time and nerves. In addition, in no time at all you will receive food for thought that you would hardly have thought of on your own - or at most only after a long period of reflection. It's best to convince yourself - you can't do anything wrong ;-)

Not enough word inspiration yet? Then have a look at the rhyme generator or the word-in-zig language translator.

Brainstorming is not a name generator, but rather an idea generator for creative words, which you can then enter into the name generators. This is the preliminary stage for a successful naming process.

Feed the tool a word that fits your project thematically and the Idea Finding tool spits out content-related words in result.

These can be words or associations that are either subordinate or superordinate to your search word or have the same meaning. The Brainstorming Tool can save you hours of "real" brainstorming and inspire you at the touch of a button.

Example: For the word "garden”, Brainstorming returns words such as:

  • Lawnmower
  • Flower
  • Insects
  • green
  • Monks (because monks devoted themselves to horticulture very early in history)
  • Solomon (because King Solomon had famous gardens)

Now, if that doesn't lead you to some completely different ideas! This shows that the Brainstorming tool also delivers results that would otherwise only come to mind after extensive research and some pretty oblique thinking.

Stop thinking - start brainstorming! :-)