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Find general and "classic" fantasy names

You need a fantasy name for an online role playing game, a self-written story or as a nickname? Or do you simply enjoy playing with letters and words and being inspired by unusual sounding names? Either way, this tool for general fantasy names from the toolbox is the right choice for you. Here you can create general - i.e. relatively "normal" sounding - fantasy names with just one click and use them for your own purposes. Let's get started!

Choose your fantasy name from thousands of possibilities

Imrel, Tiabise, Stelisa, Reacto and Violea are just a few examples of many thousands of common fantasy names that our ingenious tool creates for you. By the way, you can not only have such imaginative names generated for private use: Even if you want to name a product, build a brand or start a company and are looking for a name that stays in your head, an interesting fantasy name is the perfect alternative to conventional names.

If you have a general fantasy name generated for your business, you have the decisive advantage of still being able to control what people out there associate with the name. Sounds good, doesn't it?

NameRobot has many other tools to offer

If you don't want to have more classic fantasy names created, but prefer extravagant or funny fantasy names, there are many other name generators available: For example, how about melodic fantasy names that make the sun rise in your heart, or exotic fantasy names that no one has ever heard?

If you want to go in a completely different direction, the hipster name generator or the tool for bizarre names might be right for you. But that's not all: Just take a look at our naming toolbox and click through the creative name machines. You're sure to find your favourite!

Fantasy names are made-up names without any particular meaning. That’s why they’re not particularly suitable if you want to describe something. They're more well-suited when you're looking for a name with an interesting sound to it or a particularly eye-catching look. These can be suitable, for example, for products or projects dealing with creativity, lifestyle, sports, leisure or the Internet. Unlike descriptive names, fantasy names take some getting used to. Their biggest advantage is that they make you stand out from the crowd and, best case scenario, make you unique in your industry.

The General Fantasy Names tool generates invented names that sound relatively "normal". This means that the letters are arranged in such a way that they produce as natural a sound as possible. Of course there's always the odd exception, otherwise it would get too boring. ;-)

Examples: Ocapto, Elentor, Avincal, Yavaqua, Roxup.

As you can see, these names sound strange at first. But if you take one of these examples and dress it up in a nice font and an appealing colour, it's a completely different story.