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Search engine results - how well does my name idea rank?

You have one or more ideas for names for a new project, a product or a start-up? Then it is especially important not only to decide by gut feeling, but also to check how often a name already appears in the search engine results.

Surely you don't want to swim with the masses, but to stand out from the rest of the competitors! This works better if you choose a name that is easy to remember and yet not too well known.

With our tool around search engine results you can estimate the potential of a name or a designation simply better.

In order to improve your recognition value and to avoid confusion with other companies or things as much as possible, a name that does not appear too often in search engines is helpful.

Googling is good, more search engines are better

Our tool takes a close look at different search engines, for example Google and Yahoo, and at the same time considers names that are displayed via ebay and Amazon, for example. You can define the search engines in the individual settings.

If your research shows that many companies are already using the name in question or that there is a danger of confusion with names for other things, you should perhaps decide on a different name or seek expert advice.

This special tool can help you to quickly check whether a name has a few or tens of thousands of hits. Of course, in the second step it is also important to look at the first results and check whether they are really relevant. This is easily done by clicking on the link behind each result. So before you have merchandise produced, advertise or develop a logo - take a look at the search engines and check if you have found a "unique selling point" with your name idea.

Ready for more name checks? Then check your name for free domains or if there are already protected trademarks.

The Search Engine Results shows you how many hits your name idea gets on various search engines.

The rule here is: The fewer, the better. Because the more often the name is found, the more often it is already being used. Obviously this is not really what you want, because it makes it difficult to be viewed as unique.

In addition to Google, the largest search engine, Yahoo and Bing are also included. But other portals with search functions such as Amazon, Ebay and GitHub are also checked. Can be selected and deselected as required in the Settings.

You can then look through all (or at least the first) hits for your name and decide whether there is anything unfavorable in there.