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Find hidden words in your (business) name

For the name to be really convincing for your business idea or your YouTube channel, it must not look ridiculous. This can happen if there is some word hidden in the name that is embarrassing or means something funny in another language. With the hidden word tool you can check your name for unwanted elements. The principle: You have the corresponding name checked for more hidden words. A practical help for all those who are looking for a very special name and want to make sure that there are no misunderstandings.

What does your company name actually mean?

With this tool you can find out if your company name might mean something you don't want to say at all. The "worst case": a name that contains a negative element or deceives your customers, even if they are not aware of it. But that does not have to be the case. The tool can help you to find exactly these pitfalls.

On the other hand, you can also use this program to communicate the positive aspects of your company or product to the outside world. Your word contains a positive term? So much the better!

Okay - that is in "TV announcer" Hans or in "chief editor" Fred is not tragic. But if a new e-car again means e-tron "pile of excrement" in French, it might have been a good idea to check it out before you buy it. Sure, the tool cannot track down all the words in all languages, but it does find them quite often. If it turns out that "Omega Nebula" contains mega, then that is mega, isn't it? ;-)

One thing is for sure: this tool can help you to better understand the meaning behind your company name or any other name and (if you like) to advertise with it.

More helpful tools to find names

You are not yet sure what your company should be called and which terms you should check for hidden words? No problem! In this case, you can simply attach to fantasy endings or drop by company names with proper names and get lots of name inspiration.

What other words are hiding inside your name idea? Find out at a glance whether these "hidden" terms within the name have a positive or negative effect. Even swear words in different languages don't go undetected.

"Avianus" seems like an unremarkable name. But wait just a minute, there: The word anus is in there. It's a good thing we double-checked! That might be suitable for something medical, but a company in any other industry would probably be less than overjoyed with that name.

With the Hidden Words tool, that can't happen to you. Find out if there are words hidden in your name that you haven't even noticed yet. This applies both to terms with negative and positive connotations. After all, who knows? Maybe the name is even better than assumed because it contains an interesting term.

The tool finds swear words not only in German or English, but also in Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Dutch.