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With this name generator you show your customers who is behind your brand

Especially independent entrepreneurs, founders and start-ups often wish to give their project not just any name, but to express a personal touch.

What better way to do this than with your own name?

With the tool Company name with proper name (English) you can give your own company an individual touch. You have several options: use your own first and/or last name or the name of your pet, your beloved grandma or your favourite first name. Just try it out and you'll quickly get the hang of which words make the most stylish name suggestions.

We pay attention to an English name structure, which of course works best with English words. If you would rather find a German company name with founder or owner name, then visit the tool Company names with proper names German.

Tips for refining the name suggestions

Note down not only your own first and last name, but also, if you wish, other names that are important to you or that you like. Then look for at least one word that makes your company unique or describes your offer (= your "project word"). Enter all words into the tool and change the word category for the "project word" to "project word" by clicking on it.

Why? The tool recognizes that it must combine this word with the first and last names. If your project word is e.g. "logo design", your first name "Lisa" and your last name "King", you will get as results e.g. Lisa logo design or logo design king. If you do not assign a project word, you will also get results like "Lisa König", which does not make much sense.

For more variety, enter "Graphics" or "Styles" next to "Logo design" in this example. And off you go with the colorful business name suggestions with a personal touch!

The mix of proper name and description of your offer, service or specialty can be useful depending on the industry. Customers may be more likely to choose you if they feel that a personal atmosphere awaits them here. You can underline exactly this claim with an owner company name. The same applies to product names.

But: if your name is difficult to speak or write, or if it arouses funny or unintentionally funny associations, you should use another name generator to find a suitable name. Because fashion consultant Katharina-Milla Wassilje or Physiopraxis Frauenschläger are certainly not the best choice for a company name.

Company names with proper names make sense especially if you have a certain degree of familiarity, a very beautiful first and/or last name and if you are sure that you never want to sell your business or project.

If you are more interested in a regional reference in your company name, we recommend our name generator for local company names. As the name already suggests, names with a reference to their origin are generated here on the basis of local or regional words.

Here you can find classic personal names with two parts: your own first and/or last name as well as your activity or what your project is all about. This name is therefore particularly suited for business owners, the self-employed and freelancers who want to make sure their clients know exactly what they do and who they are dealing with. Name creation is performed in accordance with English language rules.

Some call it boring, others call it timeless. The tool doesn't work miracles, but it does show you all the combinations of first and last names as well as various main keywords.


Paul's Burger Barn

Cafe Frida

Jeff Watson Plumbing