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Names with typing errors - intended spelling mistakes are not

People who write a text usually strive for perfection: error-free spelling and grammar are just as much a goal as easily readable sentences and sensibly structured paragraphs. But have you ever thought about using typos deliberately - simply as a gag or even as a stylistic device?

If not, try our free tool for desired typos from the naming toolbox. With it you can create funny typos and thus create all kinds of words for all kinds of purposes. Many names of startups or artists have such supposedly misspelled names as Flickr or Snoop Dogg.

Why would I want typos in a word?

This is a legitimate question. There are various reasons why people consciously choose creative typos. For one, such small apparent spelling mistakes offer the opportunity to slightly change and then use names that have already been assigned. For example, if you have noticed that your user name is already in use, you can still use it in a slightly different version thanks to typos or mixed-up letters.

For example, a simple "banana" can be changed to "Banone" or "Banana" - unusual at first glance, but at second glance it becomes a unique selling point on which you can build.

If the typo looks "real", it is good and stays in your head

Curious how to spell your name or your favourite word wrong? Then give it a try. You'll soon discover that the name generator for creative spelling mistakes works best with English expressions. But of course there are also good typos in German that make a word particularly unique and make it look funny.

But in any case, make sure that your typo looks intentional and has a creative touch. That way you make sure that it doesn't just stay in your head, but also in the minds of others. Because that's the goal, right?

Purposely Misspelled are small changes in words, e.g. by varying vowels or removing certain letters. This can produce some witty names. Since the correctly spelled "real" words are usually already in use, this trick might just give you a unique name for your project. At first glance, names spelled "wrong" seem unusual, making them suitable for trendy, creative or innovative products and companies, for example.


Lyft, Flickr, Voyze, Tuulbox, Attrct.

As you can see, this method works particularly well with English words.

Write your keywords incorrectly - this tool lets you do that with one click ;-)