through the desert

Using the power of mythology

Anyone who has ever dealt with mythology, legends and history in general knows the effect that terms from mythology can have. They are not only mysterious, but also energetic and exciting. What could be more obvious than to use the multitude of mythological words when searching for a name for your own company?
If you want to try exactly that, just use the English mythological words tool from NameRobot. With just one click you will get numerous word suggestions ranging from Aquarius and Perun, Houker and Shamrock to Atlantis and Shesha.

There are many possible combinations

Depending on what you want to use a mythical word for, you have different possibilities to use other of our tools. For example, attach a fantasy ending to the mythological term, see what our syllable mixer can do for you or use the word combiner for even more unusual results.
Let your gut feeling guide you in your decision. For projects, for example, you can use terms that are unusual and exciting, while for a brand name you can go for a traditional effect. If you want to name a domain, don't forget the domain check. This way you are on the safe side.

With Cupid's arrow and Zeus' sceptre

Every mythological figure has its own attributes and stands for certain characteristics. So if you integrate a mythical word into a name for a product, a brand or even a company, these attributes radiate from it. Sounds good, doesn't it?
Have fun trying it out!

Have random English mythological terms suggested to you. Examples are words like Artemis or Zeus.

The mysterious or historical meaning of words like these can be used to boost a project or company. Mythological terms often sound classic and imposing.

Mythological names are particularly suitable for projects that should project a traditional, sophisticated or high-class image.