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Your theme + imaginative addition = individual company name

The results of this name generator should bring a smile to your face every now and then. But it's a pretty effective way to draw attention to your offer with an original name. Because the half invented names offer the best of two worlds: you get to know what it's about (first part of the name) and the fantastic addition gives you a unique name (second part).

Mega famous names like Lieferando, Spotify, Blinkist or Helpster have shown the way. Small extensions of a keyword conjure schwuppdiwupp a sonorous project name.

Depending on the fantasy ending, catchy terms are created that your potential customers can easily remember thanks to a strong recognition effect.

The imaginative business name generator not only offers hundreds of interesting syllables. It can also append these word parts to the beginning of the word and automatically makes small changes to the entered word to make the sound and look as natural as possible.

There is no easier way to invent new names

In the past, many major brands have already proven that this type of naming can be worthwhile. Thanks to this generator it is really easy to find umpteen name variants.

All you have to do is feed the tool with keywords related to your company or a specific project. Then just one click is enough and you'll get a list of nice name suggestions. There are no limits to your fantasy and taste in the selection. The only thing you will notice is that a word in combination with a fantasy ending sounds especially good if it is not too long. Ideally, your keyword should not be longer than two syllables, like "deliver" (-> Lieferando). But you can also try slightly longer keywords.

Are you curious about creative name generators that randomly add interesting words to your keywords? Then have a look at the word at the end of Business Name Generator or Creative Word Supplement.

The Names with Fantasy Ending tool finds interesting syllables and appends them to the back of your selected keywords. Famous examples formed this way are Foodora or Deliveroo.

This transforms your keywords into creative names. These are both descriptive and invented. I.e. when someone sees the name, they can easily imagine what it means and at the same time it appears unique.

However, those fantasy endings aren't just stuck on. First, the system checks whether the entered word needs to be shortened or changed a bit to make the result sound better.

Tip: One to two syllable words can be supplemented the best and English words usually sound better.