Mythical names for your project

Probably the most complicated is the name search for a newborn baby. But it is almost as difficult to find a suitable name for your company, a project or a new brand. You surely know this, don't you? After all, it is not easy to meet all the requirements you have in a name.
To make your search as easy as possible, there is the toolbox of NameRobot. With the tool for mythical names you can combine a random English word from mythology with a term of your choice that best describes your project.

Finding mythical names - it's that easy!

What should your company stand for, what do you do? Is it about content planning, strategic consulting, consulting or marketing? Whatever term you would like to see in the name of your project: Just enter it into the search mask and start the search.
Our tool for mythical names then combines your topic word with a mythical term. This results in combinations such as Aries Consulting, Zeus Strategy, Themis Marketing or Artemis Content. Do you notice anything? The mysterious and historical meaning of the mythical terms radiates onto the created names and immediately forms a positive image in the minds of the readers. What more do you want?

The possibilities of the toolbox are (almost) inexhaustible

Mythical names are not your thing? Then maybe you are more into names with numbers, melodic fantasy names or hipster names? No problem! In the toolbox there is (almost) nothing that does not exist. The possibilities to create, combine and put together names are almost inexhaustible. Just take some time and try everything out in peace. Surely you will find what you are looking for very quickly - without any exhausting brainstorming - because the Toolbox will even do that for you!

Have random English mythological terms suggested to you. Examples are words like Artemis or Zeus.

The mysterious or historical meaning of words like these can be used to boost a project or company.

An additional project-related word is added to let people know what your project or firm is all about.

Mythological terms often sound classic and imposing. Mythological names are particularly suitable for projects that should project a traditional, sophisticated or high-class image.