Name ideas with nature words

Ever thought of categorising your projects by nature words? A big project gets an animal name, a small one that of a fruit and a cross-departmental project is named after a sea. Too weird? No problem. Because even as a founder looking for the perfect company name, nature words can be helpful, and not just if your company is about something nature-related.

Nature words as a metaphor

Often, when looking for the perfect name for your project, you already have certain ideas. The name should sound fresh and light, perhaps unusual, or modern. But what a fresh, cheerful name might look like in concrete terms can be difficult. Nature words can be very helpful in finding a name. For even a term like "lemon grass" conveys freshness, lightness and springtime feelings.

Nature words with wonderful complements

A nature word alone probably makes a project name but not a company name.  Similar to names with colours, it's all about the right mix. So how about creatively complementing the nature words you have chosen. Alternatively, it might help to look at some BEAUTIFUL WORDS to find not just a natural name, but a naturally beautiful name.

Name search in English

Want your name to sound more international? You can also find our name generator for nature words in English here.

Have random nature-related German terms suggested to you. Examples are words like eagle or lemongrass.

A product or business name with a reference to nature can create a sustainable, gentle or natural image.

Names with a reference to nature are timeless.