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Try Fantasy Names based on First Names with different words or names. Curious about even more original features? Then go to the awesome NameRobot Naming Toolbox, where there is Fantasy Names based on First Names with all the trimmings. There are even more name generators and clever tools for word search, naming, and inspiration.

Fantasy names are made-up names without any particular meaning. That’s why they’re not particularly suitable if you want to describe something. They're more well-suited when you're looking for a name with an interesting sound to it or a particularly eye-catching look. These can be suitable, for example, for products or projects dealing with creativity, lifestyle, sports, leisure or the Internet. Unlike descriptive names, fantasy names take some getting used to. Their biggest advantage is that they make you stand out from the crowd and, best case scenario, make you unique in your industry.

The Fantasy Names Based on First Names tool creates names that don’t sound too far out there. Because - as the name says - they are based on first names from all over the world, which are then altered to a greater or lesser extent.

Examples: Indila, Kanthea, Halexis, Yikiko, Onni.