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Location based names for your company

You would like to express your love for local specialties (d)of a certain region by using a company name or a product name? Then it's time to go on a name search with the help of the tool "Company names local English".

After you have entered several location-related terms into the tool, such as the name of your city, street or a landmark, you will be presented with a variety of possible combinations. The name structure is in English, which of course works best with English words. If you prefer to find a German company name with a local reference, visit the tool Company names local German.

Tips for refining the name suggestions

It is best to start by writing down what is typical for your home or address, e.g. place name, region, waters, landmark, street, house number or typical local words. Then look for at least one word that makes your company unique or describes your offer (= your "project word"). Enter all words into the tool and change the word category for the "project word" to "project word" by clicking on it.

Why? The tool recognizes that it must combine this word with the local words. For example, if your project word is "Brauselimo" and your local words are "Munich", "Oktoberfest" and "Bavaria", the results will be Munich Brauselimo or Brauselimo Bavaria. If you don't assign a project word, you will also get results like "Munich Bavaria", which doesn't make much sense.

If you would like to define your words more precisely, you can also assign all local words to a word category, e.g. "Munich" (= Munich) to the category "Your city".

You should not underestimate the importance of a regional focus - homeland reference is in. In other words: Think global, act local! Many people love to support companies that appeal to their own sense of home and thus, if necessary, remind them of relaxed holidays, a carefree childhood or experiences from their youth.

If you are looking for a company name that is imaginative but not regionally specific, visit one of our other name generators. A tip here would be the name generator for creative word additions.

These are classic location-based names with two parts: one word that points to your business address or origin and one for your activity or what your project is about. This name is therefore particularly suited for business owners, the self-employed and freelancers who would like to have a local or regional reference in their name. Such names are also well-suited as regional product and brand names. Name creation is performed in accordance with English language rules.

The tool shows you all possible combinations of your main keywords and location references. It is therefore important that you enter as many interesting terms about your address or city as you can think of.


Manhattan Veterinary Group

Pen Station Locksmith

Herald Square Dental Center

Pizza Beach

Dogwatch South Florida