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Find company names with reference to a place

Not all companies aim to be international. On the contrary, for many companies it is essential to win customers locally. With a location reference in the company name, this can be achieved in a particularly simple way. Why? If you integrate local features in the company name, you will immediately address the right potential customers, make them aware of your company and thus win them over.
Similar to our tool for company names with proper names or company names with animals, this tool also works, helping you to integrate local terms in your company name in an artistic way.

A brainstorming session as preparation

Our tool for company names with location reference works as follows: You should take some time to write down what your home country is generally associated with. For example, are there any famous landmarks, rivers or special words that are only used in your area? Write them down during a brainstorming session.
Once you have done that, you can start. Almost at least. Now you have to think of at least one word that best describes your company or project. Now enter the location-related terms you have chosen and your project word into the tool and start the search. You will immediately receive various suggestions for company names that combine your terms. Of course, you can also create an English company name with a location reference.

To the tools, ready, go!

You will see that a location reference in the name will have a positive effect on your company. No wonder, after all most people feel connected to their home country and try to support local companies. We are curious which company name with a local reference you will choose. Let's get started!

These are classic location-based names with two parts: one word that points to your business address or origin and one for your activity or what your project is about. This name is therefore particularly suited for business owners, the self-employed and freelancers who would like to have a local or regional reference in their name. Such names are also well-suited as regional product and brand names. Name creation is performed in accordance with German language rules.

The tool shows you all possible combinations of your main keywords and location references. It is therefore important that you enter as many interesting terms about your address or city as you can think of.


Hannoversche Zimmerei

Immobilien Lounge Sternsee

Therapiezentrum Blumenstraße

Curry 88

Alster Cosmetics