Mix Pairs of Initial Letters to Create Interesting Names

Especially company founders know how difficult it can be to give their "baby" the perfect name. But how would it actually be to express a piece of your own philosophy through your company or product name? The first letter pairs mixing tool shows you how versatile the possibilities are and how easy it can be to stand out from the rest of the competition - just with an interesting name.

Of course, you can also use the First Letter Pairs Mixer in your private life. You may look for imaginative names from time to time, e.g. for games or social media. But no matter what the "thing" is that has to be named: try out different word creations until you have found your individual favourite.

Start off with interesting keywords

Enter up to four keywords that best describe your product or the area of your everyday life that you would like to give a new name to. Depending on which words you have chosen, you may find it difficult to choose just one favourite name from the name suggestions. These are always based on the first two letters of the entered words. It may be that some word's first letters fit together perfectly. But with other words you will notice that it does not work out so well. Therefore try as many different words as possible!

When viewing the name proposals do not only pay attention to the spelling, but also the acoustic effect the results of this name generator have.

It can also be a good thing to proceed according to the classic brainstorming principle. This means to mix up to four different word combinations with each other again and again. Often a special aha-moment does not take very long :-)

The more imaginative the words with which you "feed" the Letter-Mixer, the more surprising the range of results should be. Which keywords are best suited? It doesn't really matter at first, but possible are names (of people), certain places, product features or just favourite words. The best thing is to mix them all up!

This tool creates abbreviations from the first two letters of up to four keywords you have selected. This can produce melodious abbreviations that can be spoken like a single word, e.g. SEGA (Service Games), Haribo (Hans Riegel Bonn) or Ricola (Richterich & Co. Laufen).

Here you can also see that there are no limits to the words you can add to the mix: First and last names, place of origin, product, industry...