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Surnames make names

When looking for a business or company name, the obvious idea is to use your own surname to create a personal reference for the customer. Then add the name of the activity or business and you have an easily understandable company name. But how do you spell several names together, with an "and" or a sign like "+" or "&" in between? And what is the best way to spell it? Care should also be taken if several partners are added later or the business field changes. So it is better to use your own name in such a way that it remains open for the future.

Get creative with your own name

Your own name can also be creatively combined with other names, abbreviated or used as an acronym. The latter is an abbreviation that in turn results in a "speakable" word. The famous example "Haribo" was created in this way: Hans Riegel Bonn. But more recent variants also show how to use a creative name combination, such as "dean&david". With the Surname Combination tool, after entering your names, all possible combinations and spellings are displayed with one click.

Combine keywords with names

A creative and fresh way to use your own name or a specific name when finding a name is to combine names and keywords. For example, this is how the name "FridaFrisch" of a regional farm shop is constructed, a combination of the name of the favourite cow of a founder's grandfather and the keyword "fresh" matching the products. With the surname combiner you can try out different (surnames) and keywords in all variations.


If you are founding with one or more persons, one possibility is to include all of the founder names in the company or project name. Name Mix for Teams can show you all of the possible combinations.

Example: Three people named Fischer, Mueller and Otto found a marketing agency. Here is an example of some possible name combinations:

Fischer, Otto & Müller Marketing

Fischer & Friends Marketing

FOM Marketing

O/M/F Marketing