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Play it safe with the app name check

Anyone who wants to develop an app and bring it to market needs one thing above all else: a creative and meaningful name that arouses the interest of the users. Once this has been found, the joy is great and you can start to get everything else started. Or maybe not?
There is one important thing you should never forget once you have found a name for your app: What if the name is already used for another app? That would be annoying.

Search all known App Stores with our tool

With our app name check you can make sure in advance that the name you have chosen for your app is still available. You just have to enter the name for your app in our tool and start the check.
The tool will then search all known App Stores for you and tell you how often your name idea already appears or is used elsewhere. You can also try our domain check or change your name idea if it is already in use. For this purpose we have different tools, for example the one for company names with a reference to a city or company names with a positive touch.

Do not despair, ask NameRobot

If your app name is already taken, you don't have to despair. We have many more tools for you to use to find the perfect name for your project. Just check out our wide range of tools and let us surprise you with the creative and unique names they conjure up for you!

Is your name already being used for an app?

The App Name Check lets you find out how often your name idea appears in the various App Stores.

The check searches the most popular app stores such as Google Play Store, iTunes Store and Microsoft Store, but also includes other platforms such as apps and even Firefox addons.

Particularly useful for all those who want to do something directly with apps, but also for related areas such as games, software, blogs and everything online/mobile.

You can select and deselect App Stores in the Settings.