Small names - the perfect mix

With this tool, you can mix your chosen topics and terms with small words. Small words here are not short words, but terms that describe something small.

With small names to a big goal

When finding a name, you think in many different directions. Often they become more and more similar the longer you think about it. Most people want a generic, beautiful name that stands out, is simple and has recognition value.

Nothing could be easier! - Fun. Nothing could be harder. Because the more attributes the name should have, the more difficult it becomes. That's why most people decide to mix, combine or merge several terms.

If the chosen one is then gone, one might try a cool typo, an acronym or an anagram. If all that doesn't help and the brand check says no again, things get exciting.

So why not think in a new direction?

Do something completely different from the others. Rethinking is the order of the day. How about a name that is special, has recognition value, does not yet exist in this form and, by the way, reflects the company values? Probably not bad at all.

But how does it work?

With this tool you can find the perfect mix of the themes and values your company stands for and small but special words.

What these words mean is up to you.

Many people want a company name like "Apple" or "Lime" and then don't dare to put something in their name that is just as special and a bit whacky. So the most important point is to dare!

Besides, such a small word gives you the opportunity to reflect values you represent in a different way in the name. For example, that you do your best down to the smallest detail, or that you want to give the best advice to even the smallest customer.

Small but nice!

As you can see, small names are not to be underestimated and can have a big, very special effect. Have you got a taste for it? Try it out for yourself and let yourself be surprised by new ideas and approaches. Maybe your new company name is waiting for you behind your next click.

Have random German words suggested that mean something small or cute. Words such as Entchen or Engelchen, for example.

Even if the word does not describe your project, it can lend your project or company a sympathetic, lovable or childlike touch. An additional project-related word is added to let people know what your project or firm is all about.

Examples of names with "small" words are Foxglove Atelier or Dragonfly Daycare. A name like this is timeless and universally applicable.