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Merge Words into Portmanteau Words

If you want to create a particularly unique name then have a look at those catchy words that are fused out of two or three words or names. That's exactly what the word merging generator does.

No matter whether it's just out of curiosity or for a new company name: rarely has the search for invented name been so much fun. With word merger you can combine words in many different ways and click your way through lots of newly created, "merged" terms, words or monikers.

Another special feature: by individual settings you can creatively influence the results. So you can find identical letters in different words or mix syllables of the used words. You can also choose to have letters removed and use the rest of the words to create your own individual name creations.

Use different merging settings

The possibilities for creative word fusions are more versatile than it appears at first glance. You can use this type of naming not only for new company or business names but also for product names, book titles, figure and character names.

It quickly becomes clear that the tool is a cool alternative to the classic brainstorming, in which a wide variety of name creations emerge. If, against expectations, you don't find the name you are looking for here, take a look at our other creative name generators, that e.g. automatically transform words or add random words. Depending on your settings, word count and word type, there are endless ways to come up with imaginative names and words.

Find all possible ways to merge two or three words into one new word. Click on the Gear symbol in the upper right corner to select the type of combination you want.

The main settings:

  • Twin Finder: find the same letter in two or three words
  • Syllable Mixer: Mix syllables from different words
  • Letter Eater: remove certain letters from words and join the rest together