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Show face with a company name with proper name

Everyone likes to know who they are dealing with. When you meet new people, you usually introduce yourself first. A name is important to give a person identity and to give the other person the feeling of not dealing with a perfect stranger.
What is true for everyday life should not be neglected in business life either. A clear name in the company name, for example, immediately inspires confidence in potential customers: Although they do not yet know the person behind the name, the name still creates a feeling of connection.

The combination of name and project word makes it

The goal of a company name with proper nouns is to give your company an individual touch at first glance. In order to achieve this in the best possible way, our tool combines a project word chosen by you with various name suggestions. You do not have to use your first or last name, but can also use nicknames. There are no limits to your imagination.
Maybe you would like to combine the tool for company names with proper names with other of our tools, for example the tool for company names with reference to a place or the tool for positive company names? Just try out everything that comes into question for you and experiment with natural names or geographical names, for example.

The tool for freelancers and business owners

Self-employed persons and business owners with few employees, who are particularly dependent on showing personality, benefit from a name in the company name. Just try a little bit around - the result is meaningful names such as Seehaus Marketing, Meier Content or Tom's coffee bar.
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Here you can find classic personal names with two parts: your own first and/or last name as well as your activity or what your project is all about. This name is therefore particularly suited for business owners, the self-employed and freelancers who want to make sure their clients know exactly what they do and who they are dealing with. Name creation is performed in accordance with German language rules.

Some call it boring, others call it timeless. The tool doesn't work miracles, but it does show you all the combinations of first and last names as well as various main keywords.


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