You can use "Roll The Dice!" for free here

Try Roll The Dice! with different words or names. Curious about even more original features? Then go to the awesome NameRobot Naming Toolbox, where there is Roll The Dice! with all the trimmings. There are even more name generators and clever tools for word search, naming, and inspiration.

Here you can gently slide into the naming process. Different name generators use the NameRobot Toolbox’s entire arsenal to create a wide variety of names. Since the whole thing runs in the background and you can't make any detailed adjustments to the settings, the results are a highly diversified panoply of names often only remotely related to your keywords. That's why the tool is called "Roll The Dice!". But take a good look at the results. Who knows? Maybe one of those 20 suggestions is exactly the name you've been looking for. ;-)

Examples: PinkWatch, Enterpure, Mentorsmart or FeelDeal.

The Gear symbol lets you select or deselect the sub-tools used.

What is the difference between the tools "Roll The Dice!” And "Roll The Dice! 2"? Version 2 finds names that sound even more like artificial words.