Max Mustermann is out

The famous placeholder Max Mustermann is well known. So well-known that it's time for something new, don't you think? How good that we have developed the right tool to generate the most diverse names at the push of a button. You can then use them as you like - as a pseudonym, name for a novel character or short story, or even as an advertising character or brand name. There are no limits to your imagination.

Names give identity

But what is actually the big advantage a name offers you when you use it for a brand, a product or for an advertising figure? Well, this is clearly the advantage of identity. Nothing gives a person an identity as much as their name - and that's exactly what you can use when you want to make something known or give a product a certain image.
If you're just looking for a name, the first name finder might be better suited for your purposes. Or you can try the hipster name generator and try out geographical names.

Arabella Lauer and Edgar Thurn

When you have names created, make sure that they sound like what you have in mind. It is best to recite the name aloud a few times and pay attention to the associations that shoot through your head. Don't decide on a name until you are sure you have found the right one - but that won't take long!
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This generator combines random German first and last names. This kind of name can be used as a pseudonym, for example. Or you can create a fictitious person to give a new brand an identity. This person may serve as an advertising figure or appear to be a founder, inventor or owner.

A very well-known example of this is the Bruno Banani brand, whom many consider to be the mastermind behind the scenes. And every book or film requires tons of names such as Antonius Mueller or Susanne Feldberger. Here you can find them at the push of a button.