Finding anagrams: the inspiring mix of letters

Anagrams can be used in the most diverse areas. So it is not only writers who publish works under an anagram. Among other things, newly discovered plant species are also named by anagramming existing names. But what is an anagram anyway?

Anagrams are words that are created from exactly the letters of another word. This process is called permutation in linguistics: a sequence of letters is rearranged to produce a new word.

Look forward to funny combinations

Anagram searches often result in very funny combinations. For example, if you reassemble the letters of the word "Lagerkoller", the result will be "Lokal Regler" or "Orakel garlich". As you can see, this tool is great fun!

Of course you can also use it if you are looking for a name for a project or want to start a company. Of course it is also worthwhile to combine various other tools from the Name Generator Toolbox. For example, you can also perform a social media name check, use the syllable mixer or find German pseudonyms.

Find anagrams: How does the tool work?

If you're looking for a fancy name or just funny words, the Find Anagrams tool is for you. Here you can enter terms and get words or word combinations suggested that are exactly composed of the letters of your entered terms. So just enter words that you want to have re-composed. The results are usually one thing above all: funny! And they save you the trouble of a detailed brainstorming.

Even if you don't adopt the anagrams one-to-one at the end, they will provide you with valuable inspiration to work with. Let's go!

Use the Anagram Machine to shake up letters make new words. It works like this: You enter keywords and the tool tries to find words that contain exactly the same letters as the keywords used. This can be very helpful for finding a name, as the following example shows:

Mark wants to open a café. He enters the keywords Mark and Café. The generator generates the anagrams "Cake Farm" or "Mac Freak" - both made up of exactly the same letters as "Mark" and "Café". And bang! There you have the first ideas for a name for the café!

Anagrams don't always come up with suitable names, but it can be a lot of fun trying. So don't take the anagram search too seriously. :-)

You can fine tune the Anagram defaults in the Settings (Gear symbol).