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Are you looking for a name for your child, cat, mouse or the like? Then our first name meaning tool is just right for you. Finding a name can be difficult, whether it's for a project, a child, a business or a pet. Just when you've found a name you like, the next problem comes around the corner. Someone you know already has a name, a family member associates something negative with the first name, or you have the feeling that something is still missing.

But there is one important thing you should never forget: What do our favourite names actually mean?

It's better to look up potential names for pets or children once too often than once too little, before an acquaintance points out afterwards that the sweet kitten's name actually means "guardian of hell" or "fat sausage". To avoid this, a tool for general word translation can also be helpful, as it is often mainly a question of whether the selected names or terms are just as harmless in other languages as they are in your own.

Find a large number of potential names with our tool

With our first name encyclopaedia you not only have the possibility to search for the meaning of your entered name. Because the first name meaning finder is practically an all-inclusive product. Here you will find similar and similar-sounding first names plus names that contain the one you are looking for. On top of that, you can save them and find out more not only about the meaning, but also about the gender, the language of origin, related first names and other additional information.

You didn't find what you were looking for and are looking for something unusual, want to think up a name yourself or make one up. We also have various tools for this, such as Find Synonyms, Word Meaning Finder, or Male Fantasy Names.

PS: Have you already seen our ToolBox? Here you get a particularly good overview of all the tools with even more functions.


NameRobot provides access to a database with over 6,000 first names as well as their meaning and origin.

That means the tool can help you find your name:

Example 1: You're starting a garden supply company. Enter the term flower, for example. Now you will be shown all of the first names with flower in their meanings. For example, this would include the lovely name Mirasol (...Spanish word for sunflower...). Just like that you have a creative name idea for your new garden supply firm which is much nicer than Garden Tech ;-)

Example 2: A woman named Susanne wants to start her own business. She enters her first name in the word field and discovers that her name sounds much more distinctive in another language. She names the shop Shoshana - the Hebrew version of her first name. Variations such as Suzane, Sanni and Sue are also shown.

Also available (can be set via the Gear symbol): Name search by topics: e.g. names from the Old Testament, professional titles, Greek mythology...