You can use Patchwords for free here

Try Patchwords with different words or names. Curious about even more original features? Then go to the awesome NameRobot Naming Toolbox, where there is Patchwords with all the trimmings. There are even more name generators and clever tools for word search, naming, and inspiration.

The Patchwords tool finds words that contain your keyword (or part of it). It's a quick way to get inspiration for word games and ingenious names.

Click on the Gear icon to try different settings: Search for words that contain a keyword either at the beginning, at the end or in any position. Depending on the setting, for cat you will find results like location, catalogue and snowcat, for example. By the way: The shorter the word fragments, the more results there are.

Example: Suppose a project has to do with books. A pivotal, good-sounding keyword would of course be book.

Approach 1:

  • Just type book into the Patchwords tool and find all the words in which book occurs, words like notebook or bookmark.

Now you can use such results or take it one step further (pro tip!): think about whether you can change the words or parts of them. You could turn notebook into Books & Notes, for example. Or you just take the mark from bookmark and change the word in one of the name generators (e.g. “Complement”). Results: Markly, Markero, Markista...

Approach 2 (advanced):

  • Enter only a very concise part of book, e.g. ook.
  • The search finds exciting words such as look or Brooklyn.
  • Now you can for example make up a rhyme like BookLook or a funny creation like Booklyn. Wouldn't that be a lovely name for a bookstore or a literature project?

That sounds more complicated than it is. Therefore simply try it out and wait and see what words come out.