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The word pieces tool for word games and fancy names

Our language is diverse and has so many words to offer that a single person can hardly learn or know them. If you are looking for an unusual combination of names, a name for a project or the title of a campaign, you may have to work up a sweat. The tool for finding word parts in other words or names puts an end to this - here you can easily search for word parts or have them added. Do you want to know how it works?

Beginning, end or middle - your word will be completed

Unlike finding synonyms, this is not about finding words with the same meaning to a word, but about finding your word in other existing words. For example, if you want to find other words with the word "table", you will be shown all possible words that contain "table".

For example, combinations such as "table leg", "table service" or "wooden table" and "garden table" may be among the found words. You can also get inspired to expand a keyword. You can specify where you want to extend your existing word: at the beginning, at the end and of course it is also possible to place your word in the middle or any other place you like.

Combine the Word Pieces tool with other name generators

Depending on what you need a compound word or part of a word for, it might be worthwhile for you to use other name generators in the toolbox in addition to the word part search. Depending on your project, for example, it might make sense to combine your completed word pieces with exotic fantasy names or cool typos. It's best to get started right away and let yourself be surprised by the many possibilities.

PS: In linguistic circles, a new word made up of several words like "sunshine" is called a composite word - in case you want to take a smart crap ;-)

The Patchwords tool finds words that contain your keyword (or part of it). It's a quick way to get inspiration for word games and ingenious names.

Click on the Gear icon to try different settings: Search for words that contain a keyword either at the beginning, at the end or in any position. Depending on the setting, for cat you will find results like location, catalogue and snowcat, for example. By the way: The shorter the word fragments, the more results there are.

Example: Suppose a project has to do with books. A pivotal, good-sounding keyword would of course be book.

Approach 1:

  • Just type book into the Patchwords tool and find all the words in which book occurs, words like notebook or bookmark.

Now you can use such results or take it one step further (pro tip!): think about whether you can change the words or parts of them. You could turn notebook into Books & Notes, for example. Or you just take the mark from bookmark and change the word in one of the name generators (e.g. “Complement”). Results: Markly, Markero, Markista...

Approach 2 (advanced):

  • Enter only a very concise part of book, e.g. ook.
  • The search finds exciting words such as look or Brooklyn.
  • Now you can for example make up a rhyme like BookLook or a funny creation like Booklyn. Wouldn't that be a lovely name for a bookstore or a literature project?

That sounds more complicated than it is. Therefore simply try it out and wait and see what words come out.